Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

The Wicklow Way

Monday, May 26, 2014

During my freshman year fall break, Meghan and I took a trip to Scotland with one of my classes to hike the famous West Highland Way.  It was truly a remarkable trip, one that challenged me both physically and mentally in ways I had never experienced before. It left me with a craving for more. So when Meg and I found out about a similar trail in Ireland, we jumped at the chance get back out there and do it again.

The Wicklow Way is a 132-km long self-guided walk, which meanders through farmlands, forests, rolling countryside, steep valleys and mountains; and along swift wild streams and lakes. Because we were short on time, we only did 2 out of the 8 days it’s supposed to take to complete the entire walk.

If I learned anything from hiking in Scotland, it’s that there will be days, which will test you and force you out of your comfort zone. Take day two for example. Meghan and I along with our new friend from Chicago, Mike, set out for a 22-km (around 12-13 miles) hike to the town of Roundwood. We set off with decently nice weather. No rain that is. 

However, as we began walking alongside the Djouce Mountain, we found ourselves inside the clouds, then proceeded to be stuck in a torrential downpour with wind speeds blowing so viciously we could have been knocked over if we weren’t careful. The cherry on top occurred at the highest point when the rain turned into hail!

 After what seemed like hours (and probably was) the weather took a turn for the better and blessed us with glorious views of Lough Tay.

 Regardless of the weather we endured on our hike that day, the feeling of accomplishment I felt after walking 12 miles was unexplainable.

Later that evening, Meghan, Mike and I met up at one of the pubs in Roundwood along with 3 others Germany (2 hiking the Wicklow Way, 1 biking it). We enjoyed a much-needed relaxing evening filled with refreshing drinks, wonderful company, and great conversations.


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