Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee


Hey there! I'm Bri.

I have a passion for traveling and drink way to much coffee. I'm a photographer and designer. I like simplicity in all forms and live by the motto, "less is more." Buying CDs is a favorite pastime of mine, as is scanning the internet for deals on flights. I love stripes, the color gold, autumn weather, last minute road trips, Woody Allen movies and music with good lyrics.

Call me unfocused, a dreamer, a bit of a drifter even, I’ve always been a restless soul, ready for the next big adventure.

Still want to know more? Give me a call. Let's get together and create something amazing! 



  1. Who took that lovely photo of you?
    Any very special best friend?
    Ahhh, love you!

  2. Very beautiful photos, sightly has to see


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