Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Pop of Color

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summertime calls for bright, lively colors, but if your anything like me, you still tend to stick to the neutrals.
 I like to add a pop of color with my accessories. 
Whether shoes, jewelry, nail polish or a purse, color is a great way to add a little oomph to any outfit.

Shirt:: Francesca's | Jeans:: Gap | Shoes:: Cole Haan| Nail Polish:: Essie - Rock the Boat
 Happy last day of July!

Signs You May Be A Coffee Addict

Monday, July 29, 2013

My best friend once said to me,
“I could write a book on your coffee addiction.”
I’ll admit it; I have a difficult time going a day without at least two cups of coffee. 
To me, coffee is so much more than a caffeinated beverage that gets me out of my zombie sate every morning; it’s a way of life.

Signs you may be a coffee addict.

1. You pregame before heading to a coffee shop with coffee or other forms of caffeine.

2. You make it a rule to have coffee before any important happening, 
because you want to already be wide-awake and perky in advance.

3. You look at your expenses for the month and find out you spent more on coffee than clothing or food.

4. You have strongly considered hooking yourself up to an IV filled with coffee and carrying it around with you at all times.

5. You're not sure if your headache is from too much coffee, or not enough.

6.You would marry coffee, if coffee were a person.
 But when you realize that's not possible, you settle for a barista instead so they can get you free coffee.

7. When you say you need a coffee, you say it like it’s a matter of life or death.

8. You secretly don’t see the point of tea.

9. You are on a first-name basis with most of the baristas at your local coffee shop.

10. You don’t remember how you got through life before you drank coffee.

Now for the love of caffeine, go pour your self another cup!

Friday Fun

Friday, July 26, 2013

I had way too much fun doing a little photo shoot with my sister and her friend tonight. 

Needless to say, it was a Friday night well spent!

Where in the World?

There are some days where my mind just wanders. Today is one of those days. 
Where are my thoughts you ask? All over the world! (Surprising, I know.)

I tend to reminisce about my trip to Scotland the most. 
 It was my first time abroad and I loved every single minute of it!
 (Even when we had to hike through a blizzard!)

New York City is another place I think about a lot. 
After dreaming about traveling here for a good four years, I finally did it. 
I miss this city dearly and cannot wait to go back!

New Orleans is one of the most unique and on-of-a-kind cities I have ever been too. 
From jazz music and the French Quarter, to Jackson Square and beignets at Cafe Du Monde,
 I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel here twice. 

Chicago, *sigh*, you will always be one of my most favorite cities.
 After traveling here many times, this place is starting to feel like home and is a definite contender to where I may end up after college. 

For many years, my family and I would take a trip to Montana each summer. 
Hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting; we always had a wonderful, adventuresome time.  

In a mere 5 months from now, I will be living and studying in Florence, Italy.
It has been a dream of mine for so long to study abroad, so I am absolutely ecstatic!

Where does your mind like to wander to?

Happy Friday!

Coffee, Chocolate and Comics

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 4

To kick off our last full day, we hopped on the train and headed downtown Chicago once more.

After making a Starbucks run, Dani and I navigated the streets and met up with my cousin, Alicia, for lunch at Caffe Baci. She has lived and worked in Chicago for quite some time now, so it was a lot of fun talking with her and getting insight on the city.

Hugs and goodbyes were given before Alicia headed back to work, then Dani and I went in search of a bakery to fulfill our dessert cravings! 

We stumbled upon Toni's Patisserie and Cafe; I delighted in a chocolate dome and an iced latte, 
while Dani enjoyed a chocolate ├ęclair. It was heavenly! 

Leaving the cafe, our stomachs quite happier, we walked only a couple blocks until we reached Millennium Park. Here we spent time taking pictures at the bean (shocker, right?) and cooling off by The Crown Fountain.


 Before heading back to the train, we found a cool comic book store which reminded me a lot of the one in 

We took the train back to Dani's cousins house in Winnetka, freshened up a bit, then hopped in the car and headed to her other cousins house in Hinsdale.

A wonderful meal was prepared for us, along with delicious s'mores to end our last night in Illinois. 

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