Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Where Cobblestone Streets Beckon

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 8

 The morning of day 8 was upon us; it was hard to believe our week in New York was coming to an end.
 Nevertheless, we were excited to embark on our last day in the city!
We ventured down to Lower Manhattan and caught a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

I've decided this is probably one of the best things to do in NYC. Why? 
1. It's completely free! 
2. You get breathtaking views of the skyline, Lady Liberty, and even glimpses of the Brooklyn Bridge.
3. FREE! And only takes about 45 minutes there and back. 
(Need I say more?)

We found ourselves a spot over-looking the water
and enjoyed the cool breeze as the ferry made its' way across the Hudson River. 

Once we made it to Staten Island, we got off the ferry, then got right back on!
 (It seemed like the thing most people did!)
The ride back provided us with stunning, picturesque views of Lower Manhattan.

Once we were back on the island, we decided to head to the Chelsea Market once more for some lunch.
We found a place called, Friedman's Lunch, where I quite possibly had the tastiest veggie burger ever!

After lunch, we found ourselves walking the familiar path we had taken only the previous day; The High Line.
 We thought this was better than weaving through the crowds on the busy streets below.

The streets of SoHo beckon foodies, designers and fashionistas alike. This was our next destination.
With cobblestone streets below our feet, old cast-iron buildings surrounding us, and plenty of trendy shops and cafes;
SoHo is an array of old-world, meets new.

From SoHo, we headed to the Lincoln Center to see a performance of Swan Lake done by the American Ballet Theatre.

Now, I don't know much about ballet, (that's Meg's area of specialty),
 but I'd like to think I know good performers when I see them.
And boy, the American Ballet has some exceptionally talented people!
 The graceful dancers and orchestra's soothing music kept me fixated the entire show.

After the show, we realized that with our early-afternoon flight the next day, this was our last night in Manhattan.
 (Time to get sentimental)
Walking to the subway, I reminisced about that night in a coffee shop 4 years prior; 
when Meg and I first dreamt up our big adventure to NYC.
 It was only a dream at first, a thought really. 
But somewhere along the line, we were crazy enough to chase after that dream, and turn it into reality.  


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