Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Kindness of the Irish

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ireland has captivated me from the moment I arrived. While the country itself is beautiful, I have come to find it’s the Irish, which make Ireland so wonderful. The people I have met and encountered here are some of the most remarkable, genuine and warmest people I’ve ever met. I love the abundant friendliness and hospitality I have been continually shown while here. Whether it was asking questions on the street, interactions in stores or making small talk, the Irish were have been happy, helpful, and energetic. They have an infectious charisma that just makes you happy.

The most prominent example of the kindness I have been shown while being here occurred just the other day. Meghan and I had planned to take an overnight trip to the small town of Doolin, about an hour ½ bus ride from Galway. We were told that there was only one bus and that it was to depart at 10:30. So we arrived at the station, bought our tickets and then attempted to find our bus only to realize that there was none. We talked with a nearby worker about our situation and were informed that the times were wrong and we had missed it.

Realizing we now had no way to get to Doolin, the worker immediately got on his phone and came back no more than 10 minutes later to inform us that he had a private car on the way to take us (along with two other girls in our situation) to Doolin! The four of us had such a great car ride as the driver chatted with us about his life and ours, told us about the sights we were seeing, and even stopped the car a few times so we could take photos.

I was absolutely blown away by the kindness we had experienced onthat day. Their demeanor, their attitude, and their willingness to go the extra mile for others– the Irish are incredibly hospitable hosts and left a lasting impression on me.

Ireland is a beautiful country, but what will bring me back to is the people and a desire to learn more about their history and culture.


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