Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Home Away From Home

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I often call Minneapolis my "home away from home."
I was born and raised the first half of my life there,
 then moved to Moorhead when my dad was offered a new job.
I dearly miss it, and count the days until I am able to call Minneapolis my home once again.

So as I wait for that time to come, I get my dose of the cities by taking little weekend trips.
When I tell people I am once again heading to the cities,  I often get this response..

"What do you do there? Go to the Mall of America?"

Let me put it into perspective..
That is the equivalent to asking a New Yorker if they like going to Times Square.

The answer to both.

My trips consist of discovering new sights, quaint coffee shops, restaurants & stores.
Here are some of my favorites...

Barbette, located in Uptown, is a charming little restaurant with a bustling atmosphere. 
Great for breakfast and lunch.

Hands down, Sebastian's has the best ice cream my mouth has ever tasted.

I highly recommend the Nicollet Pothole (Chocolate ice cream w/ fudge, truffles, heath bar & sea salt)

3. Rustica Bakery

My favorite Sunday bakery. 
Great for their coffee art, delicious pastries and freshly baked bread.

I promise, you will be in organizational heaven when you step into this store.

5. Stone Arch Bridge & Lake Calhoun


With stunning views of downtown, the Stone Arch Bridge and Lake Calhoun are both great for running, biking, walking and sightseeing. 

I of course have more favorites than just 5, but this post would be a novel if I included them all!
I will make sure to share addional favorites when I take my next adventure to the cities.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Nice photos, now that's a side of Minneapolis I haven't seen! Plus checking out new bakeries while on the road is one of my "travel pastimes" -- looks like I'm going to have to pop my head in Rustica Bakery next time I pass through the area :) Thanks for the tips!

    1. Checking out bakeries is one of my favorite travel pastimes as well! Definitely check out Rustica. It is wonderful!
      Thanks for commenting! Enjoy your time in Minneapolis whenever you visit. (:


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