Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Dear 2013...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear 2013,

   A little piece of me refuses to believe that within a couple of hours, you will have completely faded away. Everyone around the world will be joined in celebration tonight; drinking, having lavish dinners, watching firework displays and being surrounded by loved ones. And then of course, there is the well-known countdown- the last ten seconds before the clock chimes midnight when everyone is kissing and hugging and wishing each other a “Happy New Year!”

2013, you were wonderful. I will never forget the people I met, the ones I grew closer with, the places I went, the things I learned and the opportunities I had. The only thing left to say is this: farewell 2013 and thank you for everything.

To the New Year, I welcome you with open arms. Bring on whatever you have in store for me. I'm ready. 



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