Photography by Brianne Lee

Photography by Brianne Lee

Brooklyn, Bagels and Gatsby

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 4

In our effort to live like locals, as well as save a little money, we whipped ourselves up a breakfast of scrambled eggs before heading out. Our destination for day 4 ... Brooklyn! 
A friend of my dads', Rich, is a freelance illustrator/animator who lives in Williamsburg. He was kind enough to take time off his busy schedule to show us around. We met him at his apartment and were able to see where he lives and works. 

Skyline view of Manhattan from the rooftop of Rich's place.

From Rich's apartment, he took us around Williamsburg showing us his favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and offering us insightful tips for our time in NYC. I loved hearing him talk about his work, experiences, and day-to-day happenings in the city. You could see how passionate he is about his work and for New York itself.

Before parting ways, Rich gave us a couple more pointers, as well as recommendations for lunch. A little place in Williamsburg, called Bagelsmith, provided us with a taste of our first New York bagel.
 I had a delectable cinnamon raison bagel with a heaping amount of strawberry cream cheese.
As much as I love the bagels from Bruegger's or Boppa's, Bagelsmith definitely took it to the next level!

Meg and I found a bench outside and ate our bagels while doing some people watching. We determined Williamsburg must be where all the “hipsters” live. Hipsters meaning; younger (20’s), trendy (think Converse, thick rimmed Ray Ban glasses, skinny jeans, and large headphones), and not to mention looking effortlessly cool while riding a bike with a basket on the front. Before heading to Manhattan, we wandered around Brooklyn a bit more, stopping in little boutiques along the way.

Back on the island, we explored the Flatiron and Union Square district (both relatively close to each other). The atmosphere was bustling with excitement. And best of all, fewer tourists! I discovered that if I ever moved to New York City, these areas would be great contenders of places to live. From the Flatiron Building and four-story Barnes and Noble, to the variety of people, shops, and restaurants, I could definitely see myself there! 

We took a coffee break at Stumptown Coffee, where we enjoyed mochas and lattes topped with coffee art,
 conversations with locals, and more people watching through the front window.

Mocha from Stumptown Coffee.

Pondering over what to do for the evening, we decided to catch a movie considering the forecast was rain. 
Back on the subway we went, returning to Times Square. 
Once we located the movie theatre, we knew there was only one movie perfect enough for us to see while in New York. 
It was magnificent, dazzling and enchanting. (Kind of like Times Square!)
I felt transported to the 1920's era in New York. 
I highly recommend it! But of course read the book first. :)

How the movie portrayed Times Square in the 20's.

After the movie, we unfortunately had a long walk home in the rain and only 1 umbrella. 
Hot showers were first order of business, then sleep to get us refreshed for day 5!


  1. Awesome, sounds like a fun yet inexpensive day :) That can be hard to do anywhere in NYC (I was born there, I know).

    Really could go for a classic NYC bagel right about now too.....mmmmmm!

    1. People always say NYC is so expensive, and while that is true, it was easier than I expected to do it on a budget!
      I could really go for a NYC bagel right now too. I miss it!


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